***Announcement: Major Declaration Policy Updates***

***Announcement: Major Declaration Policy Updates***

Due to the major overhaul of University’s registration system by the Office of the Registrar, major declaration policy of the School dated 9 May 2019 has to be amended accordingly to ensure compliance and integrity of the system.
Namely, the updates are as follows:

  1. Students with ID 511-xxxx up to 591-xxxx are requested to use a hardcopy of the major declaration form here >> http://bit.ly/VME_oldmdf.
  2. Students with ID 601-xxxx and onwards are reqeusted to use a hardcopy of the major declaration form here >> http://bit.ly/VME_mdf
  3. Students who have already completed the online major declaration form earlier are requested to REDO it by hardcopy due to changes in the Office of Registrar’s policy in this regard. For your information, the School has been informed that the University’s online major declaration system is currently under development along with many other useful features for both lecturers and students. Therefore, the school’s online major declaration will unavoidably lead to redundance and confusion.

Until the launch of AU Spark with major declaration functionality in the future, the School would like to request every student to declare their major by refering to the aformentioned hardcopy version of the document according to their student IDs.
We are strongly sorry for any inconvenience and confusion this may cause.
Should there by any doubts regarding this new policy, please feel free to contact the office VME 0202 at your convenience.

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