VME Freshmen Orientation 2020

VME Freshmen Orientation 2020

Welcome ALL Freshmen students to Vincent Mary School of Engineering

Necessary Information for 631-xxxx students are as follows:

Please refer to this link for the vdo presentation file >>  https://j.mp/2ZiBT5Q

Necessary Information can be found here >> https://j.mp/2WLNclz

Online VME Freshmen Orientation: Thu, 4 June 2020, 14:30-16:30 via Microsoft Teams.

Download Microsoft Teams: Link

Use your ID@microsoft.au.edu to sign in.
e.g. u6312222@microsoft.au.edu

All students are highly recommended to join this official Facebook group for important announcements and updates about the School >> https://goo.gl/sHV1gv

FB Fan page >> http://fb.me/auengineering

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