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Mr. Ratthaphol Hongdilokkul (Gear 21)

Name: Ratthaphol Hongdilokkul (Tan)
Major: Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering
Batch: Gear 21 
Year of graduation from AU: 


M.Eng. (Electrical Engineering),Chulalongkorn University (CU), Thailand, 2016 
B.Eng. (Electrical and electronics Engineering), Assumption University, Thailand, 2014 

• Major: Electrical and electronics Engineering
•Batch: Gear 21 •Year of graduation from AU: 2014
•Master’s degree name: Electrical Engineering
•University:  Chulalongkorn University (CU)
•Year of graduation from CU: 2016


•Current job: Assumption university/ Assistant to the Dean for Administrative Affairs, Full-time lecturer/2020-now
•Assumption University / Part Time lecturer/ 2020 
ND Electrics / Electrical engineer and Solution architecture / 2016-2018 
•Solar Power Roof/ Senior Electrical engineer, Senior inspector/2019-2020